Remember you will [not] die

Remember you will [not] die is a thesis project within the Interdisciplinary Masters in Art, Media and Design program at OCAD University (MDes). The project explores people’s perception of death and mortality including mourning processes and death-related rituals within the online world, looking specifically at Facebook users’ behaviour.

This project results in a collection of mourning devices (also called e-mourning pieces) using online data from the deceased’s Facebook timeline. The products are meant to be worn by people in mourning, yet can also be purchased by people planning their own online afterlife, in which they would be buying the devices in advance of their death, for others to mourn their passing.

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General information:

  • Year: August 2013 – May 2015
  • My roles: research, creative concept, UI/UX design, wearable technology development (prototypes design, programming and manufacture), visual communication, and exhibition planning and installation.


The products:

Product 1: Social Whispers

Social Whisper retrieves data from the deceased’s Facebook timeline, and conveys it as audio. The wearer can listen to the audio from the date of the deceased’s birth until his/her last activities. The audio works as a narration of a deceased’s timeline. Therefore, if a person purchases the product in advance for others to mourn his/her passing, he/she can set the audio to your own voice.



Product 2: In Your Shadows

In Your Shadows retrieves the locations checked in by the now-deceased on his Facebook timeline, and lights up when the wearer passes those places. Each location has a unique colour attributed to it, randomly selected by the system.


Product 3: Beat my Heart

Beat my Heart retrieves the rhythm of the heartbeats registered by the now-deceased during his/her lifetime. The product includes two pieces: a hugger t-shirt and a hugging pillow. To hear the heartbeats, the wearer should wear the t-shirt and hug the pillow. This also makes the pillow light up synchronically.

The Website:
The exhibition:
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The packaging:
The catalog:
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  1. […] “Remember you will [not] die” is a speculative design project created by Pilar Fernadez Davila as part of her Master’s thesis at the Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design program at OCAD University in Toronto. It consists of a collection of wearable products that allow someone in mourning to experience data generated by the person that they’ve lost. “Social Whispers” (above) creates an immersive environment in which the wearer can hear a reading of the deceased’s Facebook feed. “Beat My Heart” (below) is a t-shirt and pillow pairing that allows the wearer to feel their loved one’s heartbeat. […]